Correspondent member of ANAS Konul Bunyadzadeh delivered a lecture at the Azerbaijan Institute of Theology
Oct 01, 2018 | 09:00 / Conferences, assemblies
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ANAS Institute of Theology of Azerbaijan held a seminar on "Philosophy of Youth" On September 28.

Head of department at the Institute of Philosophy, correspondent member of ANAS Konul Bunyadzadeh said that, the youth is the stage of the monument, which assesses, strengthens and strengthens the pedestal of the human monument.

The speaker has analyzed the identity of young people who have been trapped in history and who, despite their young age, have an example of being a leader, leader, or even savior of mankind. He said that the important part of youth, even the largest association, was courageous, brave, and talked about the young warriors, in which they tried to show the perfect tandem of the sword and pen.

K.Bunyadzadeh noted that, in any part of history, when looking at the world view, it is always possible to see young people in the forefront. Young people who offer new ideas, take courageous steps, sacrifice their lives in wars, and at the same time, create a movement that can radically undermine the stability of society, and create an incentive for fanaticism in the name of independent choice.

The workshop continued with discussions in the context of the youth's choice of materialism and eternity, sword and pen, the choice of youth and society, the conquest of the youth, its fears, love, and creative search.

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