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Establishment history

History of the Department Organization    On March 27, 1945 alongside with the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences the Department of the Social Sciences was established. The staff of the Department was approved by the Presidium of ANAS on May 21. At that period 5 scientific institutions of social sciences direction functioned within the Department. Two of them were the Institutes (Institute of History, Institute of Philosophy), one museum (Museum of History) and one sector (Sector of Economy).

In 1960 changes were made in the structure of the Department: new two scientific research institutions were established (Institute of Economy and Institute of Oriental Studies) and one sector (Sector of Philosophy).

Starting from 1981 the Department of Social Sciences started to function as two independent departments: the Department of History, Philosophy and Law and the Department of Literature, Language and Art. In 1990 the Department restored its previous name as the Department of History, Philosophy and Law.

The Department of Humanities was created in 2001 on the base of the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Literature, Language and Art.

Before the establishment of the Department of Social Sciences the humanities and social sciences were ruled by two vice-presidents of ANAS HeydarHuseinov (1945-1950) and SamedVurgunVekilov (1950-1957). In the future in different periods of time the Department was ruled by the academicians MammadArifDadashzada (1959-1961), Ismail Huseinov (1962-1968), MammadagaShiraliyev (1969-1969),    AlisohbetSumbatzada (1970-1981), IlgarAliyev (1981-1985), MammadJafarJafarov (1981-1986), Ahmad Mahmudov (1985-1987), AslanAslanov (1987-1997), BakirNabiyev (1987-2001), JamilGuliyev (1997-2001), AgamusaAkhundov (2001-2011), Kamal Abdullayev (2011-2014). In 2014 TeymurGashimKarimli became an academic-secretary of the Department.

According to the Order № 386 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan IlhamAliyev from December 11, 2014 on the abolition of the Order № 837 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan from January 4, 2003 on “Statute of ANAS” and “On the approval of the Statute of ANAS” there were established the Department of Social Sciences and the Department of Humanities in the structure of ANAS.

At the General Council of ANAS that took place on April 29, 2015 was decided to organize the operation of the Department of Humanities and the Department of Social Sciences of ANAS. According to the decision of ANAS № 1/12 from April 29, 2015 correspondent-member of ANAS NargizAkhundova was appointed an academic-secretary of the Department of Social Sciences.

Currantly there are 8 scientific research institutions and 1 museum in the Department of Social Sciences: A.A. Bakikhanov Institute of History (director: correspondent-member of ANAS Y.Mahmudov), Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (director: Doctor of historical sciences M.Rahimova), Institute of Oriental Studies named after Z.Bunyadov (director: correspondent-member of ANAS G.Bakhshaliyeva), Institute of Philosophy (director: Doctor of philosophical sciences I.Mammadzada), Institute of Economy (director: Doctor of Economical sciences, professor N.Imanov), Institute of Law and Human Rights (director: Doctor of Law A.Mustafayeva), Institute of the History of Science (director: Doctor of historical sciences M.Seidbeili), Institute of Caucasian Studies (director: Doctor of historical sciences M.Gasimli) and the National Museum of History of Azerbaijan (director: academician N.Velikhanli).

9 academicians and 15 correspondent-members works at the Department of Social Sciences.

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